How to Prepare for APSC Exam 2021 (Quick and Easy Process)

These Strategy is essential to Prepare for APSC. Now crack APSC and know How to Prepare for APSC exam without any help. It will become easy if you know the complete process that is discussed here. We have discussed the whole thing in details.

Preparing for APSC can be very difficult and often times stressful. The first thing that a student should know is that he or she will not have a 100% easy time when it comes to studying for the exam. There are going to be some study materials that will need to be used and a routine will need to be followed in order to maximize the amount of review learned.

When looking into study tips for APSC exam, there are some things that should always be done. First, a student should make sure that his or her study materials are up to date and are properly prepared.

Most materials will tell the student exactly what materials to study for the exam, but some will have extra information that can help greatly.

The most important part of studying right before the exam is getting all the information down on paper so that when it goes up on the board there will be no problems or time wasted on rereading old material.

Before discussing the APSC Preparation method, you should know the selection process of APSC. The Combined Competitive Examination of Assam Public Service Commissions consists of 03 (Three) main parts.

  1. The Preliminary Examination: Written-test of 400 marks
  2. The Main Examination: Written Test of 1400 marks and
  3. Interview Test: Personality test of 200 marks.
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How to prepare for APSC Exam (Preliminary):

Assam PSC  preliminary examination is the basic part of the selection process. Because most of the candidates fail to pass in this Exam.

So, I will insist you give more interest in the Preparation of APSC Prelims. To do the best result you should start your preparation as soon as possible. Please do not wait for the proper time to start your study or do not wait for tomorrow.

Preliminary examination of APSC consists of two papers. Each paper is of two hours of duration. Actually, this is a screening test. After successfully clearing this exam, a candidate will able to attain the main test

The marks obtained in APSC preliminary examination by the candidates are not counted for determining the final selection.

This part of APSC Exam Preparation is easier than the main part. The questions asked in the prelims are of multiple choice and objective types.

When you think about APSC preparation strategy, you should note that there will be two(02) papers in the preliminary test. These subjects are as bellow-

IGeneral Studies2002 hours
II01Optional Subject2002 hours

Syllabus for APSC Preliminary General Studies:

You should know APSC syllabus first if you want to know How to Prepare for APSC. The General Studies paper is of 02 hours duration and the total marks on this subject are 200. Most of the students fail in this test due to the lack of proper knowledge of the syllabus.

How to prepare for APSC is something that can be done by any high student. However, if a student does not have proper study habits then the exam may become a very daunting task for him or her.

If a student knows How to Prepare for APSC and prepares thoroughly then they should have no problem answering any question on the test. Every student should read as much as they possibly can about the material that will be coming up on the exam so that they will have all the information that they need to get ready for the exam.

Preliminary Exam Preparation Books

Here We have collected the official syllabus of Assam Public Service Commission

  1. Indian Polity
  2. Political system in India
  3. Current events and National and International Importance
  4. Indian Economy
  5. Planning process in India
  6. Geography of Assam, India and the World
  7. Role of Science and Technology in India
  8. Culture and Literature of Assam, India and the World
  9. History of Assam and India
  10. Indian National Movement with special reference to Assam
  11. General Mental Ability.
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Optional Subjects for Preliminary Exam:

Your preparation for APSC Preliminary exam will be incomplete without preparing one of the following subjects-

  1. Agriculture
  2. Anthropology
  3. Animal Husbandry & Vety Science
  4. Botany
  5. Chemical Engineering
  6. Civil Engineering
  7. Chemistry
  8. Commerce
  9. Computer Science
  10. Economics
  11. Education
  12. Electrical Engineering
  13. Electronics
  14. Fisheries
  15. Geography
  16. Geology
  17. Indian History
  18. Law
  19. Mathematics
  20. Mechanical Engineering
  21. Medical Science
  22. Philosophy
  23. Physics
  24. Political Science
  25. Psychology
  26. Sociology
  27. Statistics
  28. Zoology

The real importance of knowing how to prepare for APSC in taking the Exam can not be overstated. I remember my first attempt at the exam and having tried and failed every time, it was clear to me that I needed to study more, so that in the end I would pass.

I enrolled in a regular course on the subject, and in addition I read widely about the subject. After three months of hard work I got my results: I passed the exam easily, by just two hours.

Best Books for APSC Exam Preparation (Preliminary):

Your question was how to prepare for APSC Exam? Collect APSC preparation books as preferred by the toppers and study previous years’ question papers.

We have studied some of the books that are easily available for the students and found the followings important for the students from Assam.

Recommended Books for General Studies:

  1. Free NCERT textbooks
  2. A History of Assam PDF – Edward Gait
  3. Spectrum’s A Brief History of Modern India
  4. India Year Book 2019
  5. Indian Polity – M Laxmikanth
  6. India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra
  7. India Since Independence – Bipan Chandra
  8. B. A. Geography book of Gauhati University

I made sure that I kept good study materials with me and also made copies of my study material so that I could take the test the next day.

After a few months, and with the help of my friend who knew how to prepare for APSC, I got the actual idea on how I should prepare for the exam.

When you study, always go back to your review materials. Read everything you can get your hands on.

Make sure that you really understand the topics that are on the test and that you have learned the concepts properly. Then, do NOT just start your review with the sample tests from the publishers.

Make sure you understand these thoroughly before you review them. This is a critical step and one of the most overlooked parts of studying for the exam.

Books for APSC Exam Preparation

Now, are you clear about 2021 APSC Exam Preparation? If you have any doubt please comment below.

APSC Exam Preparation for Mains:

Preparing APSC mains exam requires a lot of different steps and different types of preparation. If you do not take care in your preparations, then you will find yourself failing the exam easily.

For every type of exam, there is a different set of study materials. There are books, DVDs and other study materials that will help you prepare for APSC exam.

The most important thing in your APSC Exam preparation is your research and analysis of the study materials available.

Before discussing the preparation method, I will tell you about the syllabus of APSC Main Exam.

You know that this part of the exam is a written test. Syllabus and exam pattern of APSC main exam is as below-

The written test will consist of the following papers of 3 hours duration each.

SubjectTotal MarksDuration
General English3003 hours
General Studies3003 hours
Optional Subject 1 Paper-I2003 hours
Optional Subject 1 Paper-II2003 hours
Optional Subject 2 Paper-I2003 hour
Optional Subject 2 Paper-II2003 hours
Total1600 marks

Any two subjects are to be selected from the list of optional subjects.

For a complete APSC Exam Preparation, you should study General English and General Studies with proper interest.

As per the official syllabus of APSC, General Studies paper includes– Indian Polity, Political System in India, Indian Economy and Geography of India and Assam, Role and Impact of Science and Technology in India, Planning process in India, Current Events of National and International Events, Indian Culture, Ancient and Modern History of India.

Study other subjects are as per the NCRT syllabus.

Start your APSC Exam Preparation now. Without worrying about How to Prepare for APSC, collect the study materials, previous question papers and start your study according to the syllabus.

How should I start preparation for APSC?

The first step in your APSC exam preparation is to look for the study materials that will help you to know How to Prepare for APSC. When looking for these study materials, you should go through every single one of them with a fine tooth comb to ensure that the material is right for your needs.

Most people who take APSC exam preparation online do so because they find it easier to study when using e-books. If you want to maximize your chances of success when taking the exam, you need to find a study guidebook that fits your needs the best.

There are many different types of e-books and study guides available for sale, so you should search around until you find one that suits your needs.

  • At first collect the official syllabus of APSC.
  • Collect the Free Books that I have mentioned above.
  • Download the past question papers and see the question patters.
  • Practice mock tests and model question papers.

Can I Write APSC Exam in Assamese?

APSC Exam is conducted by Assam Govt (Assam Public Service Commission). As the major official language of Assam is Assamese, you can definitely write the APSC exam in Assamese language. Read this article to know how to Prepare for APSC.

Which Subject is Best for APSC?

It is up to you which subject is your favourite. The examiners will not provide marks based on the selection of the subjects. Select the subject on which you have more knowledge.

Which Book is Best for APSC exam?

General Studies is the first choice of every APSC Aspirants in 2021. You should also read the free books from this website.

We have clearly described in this post How to Prepare for APSC Exam 2021 easily. if you want to know anything else please comment below.

Once you have found APSC exam preparation good e-book or study guide book, you should start reviewing the contents of the book. Once you feel that you know the majority of the information in the book, it is time to start putting the knowledge into practice.

This means that you should create a timetable for your study and make sure that you follow the schedule to the letter to realize how to crack APSC.

The study materials provided for the exam are designed to guide you through answering the questions, but the true effectiveness of the test results will depend on how well you study.


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