Best 13 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in 2021

If you want to get into one of these highest paying engineering jobs, it is important to apply for the right job because there are limited positions available. With the demand for engineers also comes a need for professionals who can fill the most demanding jobs.

Career options for individuals in the engineering field range far and wide. In addition to the more conventional engineering jobs such as designing buildings and dams, engineers also work in labs and manufacturing settings.

The work requires a high level of efficiency and accuracy and most of the jobs are performed on the basis of creative thinking and problem solving.

This job profile also involves a lot of hands on work, which is why these are the highest paying engineering jobs available.

According to our study, the following jobs are highest paid engineering jobs among other engineering jobs.

Here are a few examples of the top 13 highest paying engineering jobs in the world.

  1. Big Data Engineer Jobs
  2. Petroleum Engineer Jobs
  3. Computer Hardware Engineer Jobs
  4. Aerospace Engineer Jobs
  5. Nuclear Engineer Jobs
  6. Systems Engineer Jobs
  7. Chemical Engineer Jobs
  8. Electrical Engineer Jobs
  9. Biomedical Engineer Jobs
  10. Environmental Engineer Jobs
  11. Materials Engineering Jobs
  12. Agricultural Engineer Jobs
  13. Health and Safety Engineer Jobs

Best Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

Big Data Engineer Jobs

If you are wondering what exactly Big Data is, then this article will provide you with all the basic knowledge you need to know about this amazing subject. The term Big Data originally refers to the paradigm that computers can process huge amounts of information and transform them into useful information. With the arrival of information technology and the internet, Big Data has gained more popularity among companies across different industries.

Salary range typically falls between $142,091 and $181,708 (source)

With its promise to improve businesses through quantitative analysis of information, Big Data has become one of the highest paying engineering jobs today. Today, most people focus on understanding how information from Big Data can be applied to solve business problems.

Although many people think that it requires highly technological skills to work on Big Data projects, the truth is that these positions do not require highly developed technical skills but rather basic computer knowledge. However, if you have the technical skills and a good education background, then you can take advantage of opportunities that exist in the IT industry for highly technical positions such as Big Data Engineer Jobs. This field is ripe with opportunities for young students who possess basic knowledge and skills but are yet to experience success in the IT industry.

As the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs, most big data engineers are trained by hiring outside consultants. Hiring an external consultant will allow you to focus on improving your skills without worrying about hiring additional people to do the same job.

Although the hiring cost may be higher than hiring an in-house employee, hiring outside consultants can prove to be more beneficial as it allows you to focus on the core competencies of your organization, rather than spending time on the recruitment and training of employees. Most people are comfortable with the idea of hiring Big Data consultants because they provide the expertise required to make important decisions regarding your organization’s data collection. Thus, by hiring a professional Big Data engineer, you can achieve better results while saving money in the long run.

Petroleum Engineer Jobs

Petroleum engineering jobs are one of the highest paying engineering jobs available in the world. Oil engineers develop and design systems for extracting petroleum and other liquid fuels from oil deposits beneath the Earth’s surface. Work Location: Petroleum engineering jobs are located primarily in North America, Western Europe, Australia, Japan, Russia, India, China, Norway, and Saudi Arabia. Typical work hours are late afternoon until early evening in most oil fields.

Salaries range from 45,600 USD (lowest) to 153,000 USD (highest). (source)

Generally, petroleum engineers are required to have knowledge of one or more specific fields. These fields may include but are not limited to, geology, geophysics, fluid mechanics, civil engineering, and environmental engineering. Environmental engineering, in particular, involves the study and engineering of water, air, land, and other environments. In order to become a successful petroleum engineer, it is essential to be an environmental engineer. There are several environmental engineer jobs available which are the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs.

Oil and Gas leases are becoming more popular, so there are many jobs available for new and seasoned oil and gas engineers. As the demand for skilled petroleum engineers increases, so will the salary range, but it is still possible to find entry-level jobs that pay good money. It used to be that oil and gas leases were only open for a few months each year, but these days these leases can last for years – and even decades.

Computer Hardware Engineer Jobs

A Computer Hardware Engineer within your locality makes on average slightly more than the average annual income of average pay levels of about $116660 (source). This is one of the highest paying engineering jobs now. These engineers are responsible for the design and production of computer hardware devices, including computers, motherboards, processors, hard drives, USBs, networking, and security devices. They are also responsible for designing or working with the manufacturing infrastructure required to manufacture those devices. These engineers may be involved in the software creation and implementation as well.

The greatest concentrations of Computer Hardware Engineer jobs are found in Chicago Illinois, which has a number of companies located there that manufacture computer hardware components for other companies. Some of those companies include Dell, Apple, Toshiba, International Rectifier, Sun Microsystems, and Pivotal.

The fastest growing markets within Illinois for Computer Hardware Engineer jobs are located in Chicago’s southern suburbs, which includes Oak Lawn, Glendale, Joliet, Hoffman Estates, Norridge, Rosemont, East Chicago, and south suburban Norridge. There are many companies in Oak Lawn, including Dell, that have located there recently.

Right now, the current outlook for new positions for computer engineering positions is quite strong. Illinois continues to lead the nation in the number of new IT jobs, and its leading economy continues to attract professionals looking for challenging career opportunities.

Illinois continues to attract the most number of job seekers of any state in the country, and home-grown companies such as Apple and Microsoft are establishing manufacturing facilities in the state to produce the technology products that put Illinois on the map.

In short, the outlook for Illinois computer hardware engineer jobs looks very good, with more industry-based positions opening up every day and Highest Paying Engineering Jobs.

Aerospace Engineer Jobs

Aerospace engineer jobs, also known as an aerospace engineer technician, are one of the highest paying engineering jobs in the United States. There are several job outlooks for this field. According to the most recent estimates, there is a projected increase of almost 4 percent growth in the next decade.

Average salary for an aerospace engineer is around $109,808 (source)

Job growth is expected to be even faster in the future as more businesses look to streamline their operations and save money by not investing in expensive technologies. Job growth is especially promising in the defense, military, and aerospace industries. The Highest Paying Engineering Jobs, Aerospace engineer jobs can be found all around the world.

Job Outlook: Employment of aerospace engineering professionals is anticipated to rise at a rate of approximately 3 percent per year, just as fast as the national average for all jobs. Positions that fall under the category of aerospace engineer jobs will include those in the maintenance and repair of aircraft, including repairing internal engines; construction and designs of space ships and capsules; and manufacturing and development of aircraft and spacecraft.

Other job titles under the aerospace engineering category include propulsion engineers, systems engineers, flight instrumentation engineers, and structural engineers. Positions in these categories will usually require a bachelor’s degree in any of the science disciplines, along with a minimum of five years of experience in an analogous field.

Aerospace engineering jobs are highly competitive. Therefore, it is important to do your research before applying to any prospective employers.

Who Qualifications Do I Need to Be Working in Aerospace Highest Paying Engineering Jobs? Most federal agencies and some local governments require a formal education in aeronautical and astronautical engineering prior to taking the exam for an astronaut job. Some private aerospace companies may also require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.

Most professional organizations will not hire individuals who do not possess a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. If you are not a member of an organization, it may be acceptable to attend a school that has programs associated with their organization and earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree while working at an air force base.

Nuclear Engineer Jobs

Nuclear Engineer Jobs is among the highest paying engineering jobs available. Nuclear engineers are highly educated and trained specialists who are engaged in the process of enriching fuel for use in atom bomb manufacturing; design of new nuclear weapons and engineering of existing weapons.

The salary for a Nuclear Engineer falls between $72,176 and $398,588 (source)

They use highly advanced methods and equipment to convert nuclear energy into electricity and in turn, generate heat to move a turbine. Nuclear engineers are required to undergo rigorous training and education so that they can work safely with nuclear materials.

Nuclear engineering projects involve using various types of nuclear materials and handling dangerous radioactive materials. Highly skilled nuclear engineers are necessary for these projects, as they will be responsible for the safe storage, handling, production, transport, installation, and disposal of the highly dangerous radioactive materials.

Nuclear engineer jobs are among the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in the United States, with an average annual salary of more than $197,000. Salaries of this nature are not expected to decrease in the near future.

Overall job outlook: Employment of nuclear engineers will decrease 13 percent over the next decade. Overall, employment of nuclear technicians is forecast to decrease 14 percent over the same period.

Nuclear engineer salaries do not begin at the top end of the salary scale. The starting salary for a junior-level employee is less than a highly skilled technician, but the wages do not stop there. A highly skilled Nuclear engineer will earn in excess of six figures annually, with the potential for further raises and bonuses dependent upon performance.

Jobs in Nuclear Engineering are in great demand and should not be left to chance, especially when the economy has taken such a downturn. If you wish to secure one of the most sought after jobs in the country, then nuclear engineering is the way to go.

Systems Engineer Jobs

Systems Engineer Jobs is among the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs available today. Systems engineers not only find high-paying jobs in the commercial and technology sectors but also find employment in defense, aerospace, and even in the public sector. If you are looking for a job as an electronics engineer, the information below will help you better understand the role you could be playing in the next few years.

Systems Engineer salaries at NASA can range from $54,236 – $130,983 (source)

Most systems engineers actually get jobs with large corporations, especially those involved in defense, aerospace, and other national security agencies. In order to be qualified for such a position, however, you will have to hold at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably with a background in math or physics.

We have found that 47.1 percent of systems engineering positions require a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degrees tend to come in two categories: engineering majors, and business majors. Although engineering majors make up the largest chunk of systems engineering jobs, business majors are much more common, and account for just under a third of all positions.

In order to succeed in a number of systems engineering positions, it is not enough to simply have an advanced degree; the position itself requires a combination of technical and soft skills. Systems engineering Highest Paying Engineering Jobs require both knowledge and communication skills.

Graduates who lack both often find themselves overlooked and given low-level projects and responsibilities. However, a combination of solid technical knowledge and communication skills makes for an excellent applicant – it is one attribute that can’t be learned and must be acquired through personal experience and work.

Chemical Engineer Jobs

If you want to get into one of the highest paying engineering jobs in America then you will likely have to relocate to a major city such as Los Angeles or Houston, Texas. Even though these are two of the biggest cities in the United States, you would be putting yourself in one of the toughest economic climates there is today.

A Chemical Engineer can get a wage that can range from 72000 and 108000 (source)

It pays to be educated but it also pays to be well prepared for the job you are getting involved with. In this article I will highlight some information relating to the salary of a Chemical Engineer.

The highest paying engineering jobs in the country are mainly held by those with an engineering degree. A Chemical Engineer in a metropolitan area earns on average $93,925 per year, or approximately $10,662 (14%) more than the average yearly salary of $ 83,266.

California ranks number 34 amongst 50 states for Chemical Engineer salaries. The next highest paying positions are Engineering Technicians and Industrial Process Engineers. A Chemical Engineer can find a lot of his job responsibilities online these days, and the Internet provides many resources on Chemical Engineering jobs and openings.

There are several schools that offer programs that will prepare students to enter into this field. You will need to complete at least an associate’s degree from a reputable accredited university in order to qualify for many of the available Chemical engineer jobs in the United States. Most of these schools now offer online programs and make the learning experience a pleasant one for students.

The courses are challenging and intellectually stimulating. Students can earn their bachelor’s degree in less than two years, depending on the program. With the current economic conditions one would be wise to consider an online program as a way to complete a four-year degree without going into debt.

Electrical Engineer Jobs

Electrical engineers perform a variety of duties and perform their jobs very well. Electrical engineers perform tests on electrical systems, design new systems, inspect wiring and components, and analyze electrical problems in all areas of the structure.

Electrical engineers are also trained to troubleshoot electrical systems when they break down or if there is a fuse that blows in an electrical appliance. Electrical engineers are responsible for all installation, testing, and maintenance of electricity in homes, offices, businesses, and public utilities. In order to be successful in this field, you should have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, although some of these Highest Paying Engineering Jobs are available with just a master’s degree.

Electrical engineers earn a very high salary, because they perform a number of functions that require their scientific knowledge, math skills, computer skills, and many other traits that make them desirable employees.

The highest paying electrical engineer jobs are usually held by those with a master’s degree in electrical engineering, but even those with associate degrees earn good salaries. Electrical engineers must be able to do calculations involving voltage, current, resistivity, resistance, and temperature.

These types of calculations and measurements are used in a variety of different ways in a number of different projects throughout the workplace. They may help to design new systems, test the efficiency of current systems, or determine the cause of a short in the electrical power.

Therefore, the salary they earn will be highly competitive and usually much higher than the salary of many other career fields.

Biomedical Engineer Jobs

Biomedical Engineer Jobs is those who can use their skills and knowledge in the medical field to develop new and improved medical technologies.

What they do: Biomedical engineers incorporate engineering principles with medicine sciences to design, develop, manufacture, and maintain equipment, diagnostic devices, and computer applications used in hospitals and other health care centers.

Work Environment: Biomedical technicians work in hospitals, manufacturing plants, educational, and technical facilities, and research labs.

In recent years, the number of Highest Paying Engineering Jobs available to Biomedical Engineers has dramatically increased, with more openings expected as the world’s population ages.

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs available in this field are expected to grow faster than average between 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Check the salaries of a Biomedical Engineer here.

If you are interested in one of the many biomedical engineer jobs on the market today, you can either work inside the industry or out. Many professionals find that working for a larger company allows them to network with others in the field, while working from the comfort of home allows for greater flexibility.

Many biomedical engineers start their careers by obtaining a degree from a college or university that specializes in the science of medical equipment. This will give you a head start on gaining the necessary skills to perform the job responsibilities of your choice.

Biomedical Highest Paying Engineering Jobs is rapidly increasing in demand due to the advances being made in the medical field. The need for qualified biomedical engineers is expected to steadily increase as the Baby Boomer generation ages. These individuals are more likely to have health problems, which require more sophisticated treatments and equipment.

The job outlook for this field is strong, as the baby boomers begin to reach senior citizen age. As the world’s population ages, concerns about health care costs are also increasing. Working as a biomedical engineer can be the perfect career choice for those who want to make a difference in the way we treat patients.

Environmental Engineer Jobs

Environmental engineer jobs are one of the highest paying positions in today’s economy. Environmental engineers use the concepts of engineering, soil science, chemistry, and biology to develop sustainable solutions to environmental issues.

Salary range typically falls between $58,573 and $74,487 (source)

Typical environmental Highest Paying Engineering Jobs require that an individual have a bachelor’s degree in a field that includes these four topics. Work Settings: Environmental engineers usually work in various different settings due to the nature of their jobs. Some of their more common work settings include soil scientist, ecological technologist, environmental consultant, or geologist.

If you are currently seeking employment with one of the best states in America for environmental engineers, you have to submit your resume to several different employers. You must also possess certain personal characteristics, such as attention to detail, creativity, teamwork, reliability, and excellent communication skills.

The majority of environmental jobs do not require a four year college degree, although some will require an associate’s degree in the field. Generally speaking, it takes about two years to finish a full Bachelor’s degree program; however, there is no minimum time frame for students to begin work.

In order to secure one of the best jobs for environmental engineering in America, you need to have the right training. Typically, graduates will spend two years working directly with an accredited school as an undergraduate.

However, many graduates choose to continue their education by obtaining a master’s degree or even obtaining an MBA. The better off you are in your employment of choice, the more money you will make.

A lot of environmental engineer jobs require not only a Bachelor’s degree but a master’s degree is preferred. Although some of these Highest Paying Engineering Jobs do require only a high school diploma, a four year degree will get you further in the job industry.

Materials Engineering Jobs

Materials engineering is a subset of the civil engineering field that deals with the design and manufacture of materials. Materials engineers are responsible for the analysis, design, and testing of material systems. Civil engineers on the other hand, are responsible for the design and construction of buildings and structures.

The average salary for a Materials Engineer is $76,887 (source)

Civil engineers are in charge of making sure that building plans and designs to meet the required standards and that construction gets done according to the blueprint that was prepared by the civil engineer.

Civil engineers also play an important role in environmental assessment, as they are the ones who will inspect construction sites and determine if building materials are able to withstand weather changes and environmental conditions. It is not uncommon for an engineer to hold several Highest Paying Engineering Jobs simultaneously as they could be involved in different fields at the same time.

For instance, a materials engineer could be involved in building construction, soil testing, environmental assessment, and also design and construction of structures. If one is interested in materials engineering jobs, then it is essential to have the desired knowledge and certification to secure a good job.

There are many online schools and colleges that offer courses in this field and individuals can pursue their desired course if they are interested in pursuing engineering courses.

Materials engineers usually begin working as part-time workers or interns and later make it to the level of instructors in a university. Some of the best schools that offer programs in this field are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University.

These universities offer very interesting and challenging Highest Paying Engineering Jobs to individuals who are willing to learn new things. Materials engineers therefore are highly sought after for jobs in the construction industry as they are very knowledgeable about construction methods as well as their applications and they have the knack to implement them.

Agricultural Engineer Jobs

Agricultural engineer jobs are in demand all over the country due to the sheer amount of food we need to eat, and because of the problems caused by environmental pollution.

The salary range typically falls between $56,593 and $87,533 (source)

Agriculture is one of the United States largest and fastest growing industries. In addition, this field also contributes to the economic well being of the nation. These Highest Paying Engineering Jobs involve designing, building, and managing the agricultural industry to ensure food is produced in large quantities at the best possible prices.

Agricultural engineering involves the use of science and mathematics in the production and management of the nation’s agricultural system. Agricultural engineers utilize their knowledge in biology and engineering to enhance the nation’s agricultural production and the agricultural products which are utilized on public farms.

Agricultural engineers are also the experts who implement and design the various machinery which is employed in the production and management of food. If you’re a skilled and trained agricultural engineer, then it won’t be long before you land one of the highest salaries.

Although agriculture may not be directly tied to the stock market, it has been a mainstay in the economy for years. When the nation needs food, it turns to its plentiful supply of agricultural products. Due to its connection to the stock market, farmers are able to purchase the equipment they need to complete their work and keep the crops growing in order to meet the demands of consumers.

In order to increase profits, agriculture needs to expand its research and development wing in order to produce more crops and produce more money. That is exactly what the graduates from these colleges are trained to do.

Health and Safety Engineer Jobs

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer Jobs are in demand all around the world. This is a job where you will be dealing with the most hazardous substances in the world. In fact it is considered as one of the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs there is.

Environmental Health and Safety Engineer salary range typically falls between $124,490 and $150,317 (source)

If you are looking for a Highest Paying Engineering Jobs then this is one of the jobs that you should look at. The requirements of the job also requires that the individual interested in taking up this job should have the knowledge about the adverse effects of the materials that he is handling. You must have the capability of identifying the hazards on the very first sight.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for the occupational health and safety professional has increased by 20 percent since the year 1990.

There are various job openings for the professionals in this field. These professionals can work either in the industrial or the environmental sector. They can be involved in the design and development of industrial hygienic systems for the protection of the employees working in those environments.

The engineers involved in the occupational health and safety field perform various functions like analyzing the industrial production process, determining the risks of accidents in the workplace, designing the best safety measures for that purpose and testing the efficacy of the new-designed systems.

They must be certified by the organizations affiliated with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and National Association for Industrial Safety and Quality (NAISQ). Only the best safety engineers can serve in the industries as they provide an excellent service for both the employers and the employees of the industry. Most of these engineers are recruited from the private and public sectors. However there are many students who also pursue engineering courses in order to get an entry in the world of engineering.

Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in India

With a median annual salary of ₹802,225, oil engineer is currently one of the highest-paying engineering jobs in India. The field is expected to grow very much faster than the global average over the next 5 to 10 years as well. If you are looking for a challenging and fulfilling career in engineering, oil, and gas can be a great choice. This article will provide you with information on the oil and gas sector and Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in India.

India has very good resources for petroleum engineering. The Indian Ocean plateau and the foothills of the Himalayan range are perfect places for exploration.

The country has a huge gas and oil reserve that offer a large number of job opportunities for petroleum engineers from around the world. The country has some of the best infrastructure in the world for exploration, processing, refining, and production. The multinational companies are constantly exploring and investing in the Indian oil sector and this has resulted in the country becoming the world’s largest supplier of petroleum products.

Petroleum engineers do require a lot of analytical skills to succeed in this field. Their salary will depend on their qualifications, experience, rank and where they work. Analysts make up the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in India. With analytical skills and a graduate degree in petroleum engineering, you will certainly be able to get a better salary.

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